Domestic Battery

When the police are called for domestic battery, you can almost always guarantee the alleged batterer is going to be arrested. These charges can have devastating consequences as you cannot be released until you see a judge, and you will typically spend one night in jail before you see him. Consequently, a “No Contact Order” may be imposed by the court. You cannot have any contact whatsoever, direct or indirect, with the alleged victim. Basically, this means you cannot go home, you cannot see your children, and if you work with the alleged victim, you cannot go to your job either. An allegation of domestic abuse can lead to an injunction (restraining order) which will restrain your ability to work and live freely. As former prosecutors, we have handled many of these cases and know the tactics used by prosecutors who encourage the victims to press charges. As your representatives, we will aggressively defend these cases, which are often nothing more than a verbal dispute between spouses. Once we are hired, we will immediately get to work by lifting the “No Contact” order so that you may resume your normal life until the case is over. If you are dealing with a domestic battery case, call our Palm Beach, FL attorney today for a free consultation and learn how we can help.