DUI (Drunk Driving)

We have a reputation for aggressively representing DUI charges. As a former Palm Beach County, FL prosecutor, our attorney, Mr. Maxwell has the added advantage of understanding both sides of the case. We know that there are many procedures a police officer must follow during a DUI investigation. An officer’s failure to perform any one of these procedures could result in a dismissal of your case. How will you know if your case should be dismissed? To find out, contact our law office for a qualified, highly experienced attorney. It is vital that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. Most people do not know you only have 10 days from the day of your arrest to request a formal review hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This hearing is very important because if you win, you will receive your driver’s license back. At the law office of Barry D. Maxwell in Palm Beach, FL, we will prepare all the paperwork and subpoena all police officers required in order to request the hearing and get your license back.